Safety Tips

  Safety Tips For Totally Private And Anonymous Online Dating

1. You must be over 18 years of age to register to  Always communicate with every Time2Mingle member using Time2Mingle's secured servers.  Do not give out your personal email address, postal address, social security number, phone numbers, instant message handles or any other piece of private information to any Time2Mingle member ever.  It best long term wise never to disclose your private information to any Time2Mingle or affiliate site members. Utilize all of Time2Mingle's member privileges to communicate with other Time2Mingle members always (Email, Mobile Texting Messaging -SMS, Chat Rooms, IM, Astrology, Personality.  The site is membership based and always anonymous.  We highly recommend using Time2Mingle's site to communicate in any way you wish privately with any Time2Mingle members.

2. You can send photos to other Time2Mingle members anonymously.  Time2Mingle now has a great email feature that allows you to send emails to another with up to 3 pictures of yourself (accepted in bmap, jpeg, jpg and gif images 1000k or less).  Now you don't have to give out your personal email address to exchange pictures.  Take your time and screen people wisely.  Use Time2Mingle to send pictures of yourself with privacy. 

3. Utilize Time2Mingle's affiliate sites to help screen its members and view reported abusers worldwide at and  We will give you a free life time membership if you help report any one who violates our terms  Email if you see online or receive any client email activity that violates our terms. Please be polite to all members in all communications in a genuine manner that is within our terms and conditions.
Email and copy to get a free life time membership.  Please write in the subject line I helped report abuse at time2mingle and copy the original entire email you sent to in the body of your email message.

4. Report any abuse or perceived wrong doing on the Time2Mingle website to immediately.  Please email any users you feel are breeching Time2Mingle's member terms and we will investigate the matter and deactivate all abusive members immediately.  Time2Mingle has hundreds of thousands of members world wide and appreciates your help to make Time2Mingle the most user friendly and comfortable environment a person can be in to meet others. 

5. Here's how to block a user on  Log in at with your username and password.  Once you successfully logged in go to the mail box area.  Once you are at the mailbox area click on the email message of the person you want to block. Open the email message that person sent you.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button that says BLOCK and then click YES to block the user from sending you future emails.  This is how you block a user from sending you future emails. 

Kuntryrednek, 2006-03-21 12:24:29
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6. A new safety feature is operational on Time2Mingle in the very near future. users now have the ability to block/unblock specific users, states, countries and sexualities proactively from all Time2Mingle means of communication (email, IM, greeting cards, browser winks, friends, pen pals) in the My Profile area of your account.  Log into, click My Profile Link on the upper left hand side. Click the very bottom edit button on the right hand side and then click on the link that says this below and you will be able to add or remove yourself from every method of communication from Time2Mingle with simple yes or no to each message type.


Please click here to opt in or out of your Time2Mingle email and sms subscriptions.

7. A new member anonymous text message system (SMS) is operational on users have the ability to anonymously text any member on the site from a cell phone or online using Time2Mingle's anonymous cell phone texting relaying system.  This is how it works.  Time2Mingle members will initially get messages from others via the Time2Mingle email system asking to be able to communicate through Time2Mingle's anonymous texting system. Then the user decides via email if he/she will receive an anonymous text message directly to their phone from the user keeping the member's personal cell number private. This is a useful safety tool to screen all Time2Mingle members.